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Colfax, WI
United States


The farm story begins when my husband and I purchased our first home in Vermont and received the house warming gift of two sheep.   Several years later, with those two sheep in tow, we made the trip back to our home state and settled in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. Once back in Wisconsin, we started to add to the flock.  We chose sheep that would provide us with the best quality fiber and most natural product that could be used in a variety of ways. We decided on Shetland and Scottish Blackface sheep, both breeds are known for their hardiness and wits. Our little Shetlands provide us with the wonderful, soft, and naturally colored wool that we turn into yarn and their fleeces are used in our felted items. No dyes are used in our yarns, just pure Shetland goodness. Our Scottish Blackface provide the coarser wool, used for rugs and bags, and the milk for our soaps.
What started out as a curious gift over a decade ago has turned into a flock numbering close to forty.  As the flock grew, so did our supply of wool and my passion for the fiber arts. I have a background in art education and taught art classes while living in Vermont, but wool was a bit foreign to me. I started to experiment and take classes. I took as many classes as I could, including a weekend sheep shearing school. I found that weaving and felting were the most enjoyable and inspiring to me.  It continues to be incredibly rewarding to nurture our sheep throughout the year, watch their fleece grow, and then get to use their wool in so many creative ways.
We take most of the fleeces to a local fiber mill to get spun into our yarns, the rest of our fleeces are held back to hand card into wool batts used in our felted goods. Recently we have added fiber goats to the farm. Our Cashmere goats produce wonderful cashmere fiber that we blend with our Shetland fleeces.  Of course the most enjoyable part of the day is spending time and caring for our beautiful fiber animals.


Felted Scarves

A combination of fine wool and silk, soft to the touch. These feather weight scarves are a unique touch to your fall, winter or chilly summer evening wardrobe.

The process:

A simple (and somewhat intense) process, I start by gathering my wool. We like to use a few different materials in our scarves. Since we raise beautiful sheep, of course we use a touch of our farm fiber, but we also enjoy a bit of color, so we often purchase merino and silk blends from local vendors. I cut and hand dye the silk to complement the wool and start layering each wafer thin layer of wool carefully onto the silk. Once I am pleased with the arrangement, I water the layers with lots of warm water and a touch of soap. Then the fun part, I roll the scarf in bubble wrap and start my workout for the day. Lots of pressure and even some hard slaps onto the counter tops fuse the wool and silk together. The result is a fine delicate looking scarf.

These scarves are very delicate looking but are quit durable. A simple iron now and then is about all you would need, but feel free to hand wash your scarf in warm water and lay flat to dry if needed